Mardi Gras Fun - OTHER

2007 NCL Cruise out of New Orleans
Great ship and crew. Best part is open seating for dinner.

2009 Trip - Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, DC and Tennessee
Travel with us on a 10 day trip to visit friends, relatives and see some interesting places. (Note: You can easily get to the pictures that are of interest by selecting 'Next' and seeing where the ones are you are most interested in.

2 1/2 hours from New Orleans is Dauphin Island. We did a boat ride to the lighthouse and then the next day did a tour of the island and their fishing pier - which is now sitting over an island that developed after Katrina and more so in the past year.
2008 Blue Berry Pickin in Picayune MS
For the past many years my pals, Cliff Revels and John McWhirter have invited me to join them in their annual berry picking. It's so much fun I've been bringing my grand children. The photos attached might give you an idea how this goes. Only 50 minutes from New Orleans.
Erecting a boatshed at the Camp...
In February of 2008 my pal Ken helped me, John and Randy reresurect an old boatshed at the camp. Talk about a project. Imagine being 70 years old plus and doing this project.
5 hours from New Orleans is a retreat home owned by our friends Lucy and Ray Rogers. They offered this to us after we had evacuated from hurricane Katrina, and this time we took them up on their generous offer. This home is another part of paradise and we were fortunate to go there. Smack dab in the middle of the Noxubee Forrest.
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